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6 Types of Gamblers


A Casino is a hub for gamblers สล็อตออนไลน์ that come with just one motive – entertainment. But their means of getting enjoyment can differ from each other based on what they seek. While most of the gamblers seek money, there are a few with different demands. While some gamblers may be playing the slot game all focused and calm, others may be losing their minds on the same table. As you look closer at the gamblers, you will start to recognize more traits that differentiate them from each other. Here are six types of gamblers that you can find inside the casinos.

Casual social gamblers

Many players that you find at tables having a good time come with the exact same purpose. They do not care much about winning the jackpot but would not mind getting one. They are free of their gambling habit, and it does not bother them much. Gambling to them is just an escape from their daily work life and a way to socialize with people.

Social gamblers

Serious social gamblers

Another type of social gamblers is a little more conscious about gambling. They want to have a few winnings to stay positive about their habit. Apart from socializing, they also want to be winning at the tables to celebrate better. They find happiness by challenging their luck and the freedom to spend their money how they want. Compared to casual social gamblers, they are much more prone to compulsive gambling.

Escape gamblers

Escape gamblers are the next stage that serious social gamblers can get into when they find multiple ways to waste their money. Apart from their hobby of gambling, they may develop other interests such as alcohol and drugs. Once they face multiple losses in gambling, they start to feel depressed and look for escapes. They start losing control over their money and the rest of their lifestyle.

Escape gamblers

Personality gamblers

Personality gamblers are the ones who use tricks and unethical ways to earn money in the casinos. They are the biggest threats for the casinos and beginners both. They use deception, cheats, and blame games to take advantage of situations. They can be good in escaping without getting notices, but once they come in the eyes of the security, they can get punished with permanent bans to imprisonments.

Compulsive gamblers

Compulsive gamblers are the ones who have fallen in the trap of gambling and have no way out to cover their debts. They are financially broke and cannot help themselves from gambling. They are also hard to convince that they have a gambling problem which makes them lose their friends and family members.

Compulsive gamblers

Professional gamblers

The only type of gamblers that we appreciate is the professional ones who are completely prepared for playing casino games. They have discipline and strong control over their gambling habit. They spend hours and days for mastering one single game that they want to earn money from. The common games that pro gamblers play are poker and blackjack as these games offer maximum influence.

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