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Casinos with the Best Architecture


เกม สล็อต ออนไลน์ Casinos are always known for their games and the kind of innovative experience that they manage to provide. But apart from all that, today we are going to look into another aspect of these casinos, i.e. the architecture. Yes, that’s right. Among the world’s most luxurious casinos, there are a bunch that is known for its classic architecture and timeless design. So as a move to shed more light where it is due, we decided to frame the ideal list. Hence, here are some of the best casinos with the best architecture.

1. Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, USA)

Las Vegas may have lost the spot to Macau, but the place still has a load of casinos that are vivid and stylish in its own manner. The Caesars Palace is a perfect example of that point since this place is visually breathtaking. The Baroque Roman architecture frames the entrance to the palace, and as you proceed, you will be welcomed to spraying fountains and exquisite Roman statues. The sprawling 14 story building captures all the right ingredients needed to uplift this casino and take it to the top.

Caesars Palace

2. The Grand Lisboa (Macau, China)

The postmodern architecture that extends to 261 metres into the sky stands to be the main highlight of the Grand Lisboa. Apart from that, striking exterior features, classic designs and glistening LED lights are all over the place to help you accustomed to the tone of luxury. Soon after spending a couple of moments at this place, you will fall for its architectural beauty since certain things are hard to resist. The gorgeous circular lighting features are few other aspects of the place that is sure to light your world on fire.

3. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Monaco might be a small country, but Monte Carlo is no small casino. The elegance and beauty of the place is lit for all its customers as you are exposed to impeccable Beaux-Arts style that is filled with ornate, stark-white exterior and other such credible features. As a result, the place witnesses several guests that tend to come in from all around the world. Gold features, ivory marbles and a few other spectacular features tend to make things all the more impressive.

Monte Carlo

4. Sun City Casino Resort (South Africa)

The Sun City Casino Resort offers a bunch of gaming options for its customers that range from classics to the all-time favourites. But another significant aspect of the place is its architecture that includes faux elephant tusks, domes, sculptures, broad and creative windows, high arches, tall ceilings and other such features. With all this combined, the place tends to make it hard for people to leave and move on with their daily routine.

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